The Spheres Lexicon

Triisphere-mhk = (triisphere-mind/heart/KnowledgePaath, or KPaath) = a consciousness by which one’s purpose is defined as a transient or permanent choice: Oblivion. Oaath. No Oaath.

Purpose = that final consciousness-of-being, in which each of us will die—a path claimed. Listed in order of popularity: Oblivion/transient—[the Staay-of-being-Witness,] oblivious to one’s oaath, and often unsure of one’s firstworth. No Oaath/permanent—[the Staay-of-being-Oaather,] deliberate with constant-daily-efforts against one’s oaath. Oaath/permanent —[the Staay-of-being-Oaather,] firstworth recognized; one is deliberate with constant-daily-efforts towards effecting-and/or-attaining one’s oaath.

First-Worth-Faith (FWF), also describes as Self-Worth-More (SWM) = recognition, and ownership of one’s certitude: an indescribable, irrevocable, preordained, lawful right for being-Here and Now—to which one’s firstworth and one’s oaath are permanently attached. No FWF is Self-Worth-Less (SWL): fear; self-pity; self-loathing; blame; denial; envy; jealousy; hatred; greed; selfishness; ignorance; stupidity; arrogance; and repetitive poor choices. 

Firstworth = an occupation/field, sometimes a hobby to which one is identified as having clarity of vision to Purpose, e.g. the teaching profession, mentoring, scientists, the medical profession, writing, etc.

Oaath = one’s most compelling desire—some say divine purpose; destiny; one’s calling; the dream of becoming purposeful with a unique talent, skill—one’s inalienable duty belonging to self and others, in spite of obstacles.


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