Indelible Change


Retrieval of one’s first-worth-faith—acknowledging one’s dream-worth—firstworth. Recognizing that one is an intrinsic-constant-forward-motion, by which each of us can become self-relevant, to be measured with reverence. For even as children, by individual-and-collective measures, we are made accountable: required to forgo innocents, and to endure through childhood ills; to toil beyond indelible plights of established limitations©: birth into poverty, neglect and/or abuse, rejection or abandonment, or the sudden absence of one or both parents; stigmatismed due to physical birth defect; neurodevelopmental disorder; chemical imbalance; inherited family infamy; an accident resulting in chronic pain and/or debilitating injury; denied access to higher education; fringed by gender, race, religion, culture, a different look, or sexual orientation; certitude of prophets, visionaries, artists and pioneers; innate nonconformists stay of being; resisting those, as if sent to discourage one’s intent of self-worth-more, by insisting on what you can’t do, and with attempts to lessen one’s worth; the claim of failing physical/mental health; etcetera!


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