Efficacy of Influences

Homage Paid Forward

Thank you for lending me your time!

The Constant Introduction:

My pledge to you: as part of The Power In M!O!R!E!™ platform, I will lend to you the triispheremhk for sharing time beyond this introduction. First, I am De’ Kridge, or simply De—the expert on this topic of change—the result by which my purpose is defined—firstworth: the writer to become. My Oaath: writing and publishing The Way of the Spheres Thirteen Addendums.

You will meet Aavo—the first harbinger who wrote the first addendum. The expert from the fictitious world of the Spheres. And of course—from toiling beyond childhood ills, adolescence iterations, errors-to-corrections, and to healing: capacity gathered, lucid and inspiring—capacity; indelibly influential in both worlds, effecting both writers and their characters. Let’s call capacity, Chasm.

This is a semi-autobiographical lending, so candor is most definitely a prerequisite. Bear with me, my life is no easy explanation. It is a toiling to change by self-recognition, accountability, choices, and application.


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