About The RiiThink Firstworth Project


Oblivion. Dream. No Dream. That’s all there is.

What is The RiiThink Firstworth Project about?

Changing the way people think about change, in order to change the entire world

De Kridge describes his 36-year-old procession to change: “Using tasks to goals and goals to his Firstworth: the writer to become. The RiiThink Project is the embodiment of lives to purposeful resolves. My philosophy is simple: Every dream counts, in spite of obstacles.

Under The RiiThink Firstworth Project, there are additional projects:

  1. Oaath to Purpose via M!O!R!E!, also called The Power In M!O!R!E!
  2.  The RiiAMP System – a tested and proven Marketing, Advertising, and Promotional campaigns
  3.  The Way of the Spheres franchise, with the following titles:
  • The TimeKeepers: Cepheus & the Arch 4 – released as a pilot in 2003.
  • Efficacy of Unwritten Preordained Influences – to be released in 2013.
  • Lawful: Albert and Kati – his first children’s book.

There are thirteen books explaining the semi autobiographical chronicles: The Way of the Spheres, from which I intend to produce a television series, and movies, all by using The RiiAMP System.

Registered as RiiThink Inc., the company is trading as The RiiThink Firstworth Project.

Our overall mission: changing the way people think about change, in order to change the entire world.

Our vision: To earn trust and sincere support, as we strive to climb out of the chasm of indelible plights of established limitations—effecting-and/or-attaining merited-preemptive-change, in spite of obstacles!


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