Mission, Vision, M!O!R!E!

Changing the way people think about change, in order to change the entire world

The acronym M!O!R!E!


After his 36-year-old procession, he calls The RiiThink Firstworth Project, De’ Kridge’s mission is to build his first social media platform, The Power In M!O!R!E!; with engagement through the following: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr; and via blogging; and by doing lectures; and through his music. Inspired by sci-fi, he also intends to release more from his semiautobiographical addendums: The Way of the Sphere, from which he intends to produce a television series, and eventually movies.

In his own words, De’ Kridge explains his vision: “My vision is to use The Power In M!O!R!E! for working with others, to first cross the chasm of the following indelible plight of established limitation: resisting those—as if sent to discourage one’s intrinsic, constant-daily-effort to self-worth-more. I believe that each one of us can work with what we have, and we are all purposefully designed and measured with mind, heart, and preordained knowledge to match MOTION; and each one of us is able to construct ORDER; and as we learn, we recognize our independent ability to RiiThink decisions, directions, and choices, and the power each one of us has to EFFECT individual-and-collection, merited change.

Recognizing my own power in M!O!R!E!, I changed my life, from a beginning where I was guaranteed failure, and yet promised success by one person who inspired me to surrender dependency, blame, and doubt by choosing accountability over my M!O!R!E!, in spite of obstacles!”


M!O!R!E! is by definition our innate, preemptive fount of nobleness: Self-Recognition; Self-Understanding; and Self-Acceptance—through which purpose can be defined via iteration. Perpetual M!O!R!E!—each of us is this natural constant: a paradigm of knowledge, will, choice, focus, and persistence beyond ambition towards both reduction and expansion. Reducing flaws/plights/errors, and expanding strengths/corrections/unification. As air is to life, M!O!R!E! is to each of us, the only individual-and-collective might for effecting-and/or-attaining preordained, merited resolves – to an undetermined degree, in spite of obstacles!


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